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The Clinical Organization for Psychoses 13 (COP 13) is a method of description and clinical and psychopathological evaluation of psychotic states.


Gathering contributions of classical psychiatry, psychoanalysis, and the psychiatry set up in the midst of the community as of  the 1960s, the COP 13 states in details a dynamic, contemporary and simple semiology of psychoses, following the daily psychiatric work.


It allows patient's present clinical state and evolution to appear with precision, regarding both his/her psychological organization and his/her life conditions.

Open to all medical and nursing staff, the COP 13 allows to observe changes, to deepen perspectives, to proceed to assessments, and even to reconsider a prognosis.

Eventually, this broadened description method also allows for expose reorganization profiles during treatments.


The COP13 is presented in cycles of group trainings.

This training is composed of three half a day sessions that cover the following themes:

- clinical state of self destroying;

-investment and disinvestment in psychotic disorders;

-evolution, working out and reshaping of psychotic states.


Each working session contains a theoretical presentation and a scaling exercise discussed with groups.


It is addressed to psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers.

Lecturers: Victor Souffir, Serge Gauthier, Bernard Odier.